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Let's salsa.

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Why PeePaw?


From our kitchen,

After years of family taste tests, plenty of kitchen messes, lots of "no"s, and finally some "yes"es, Peepaw created this dang good salsa--out of his own garden and in his own home. He shared the secret recipe, and we use the freshest ingredients to share it with you!


handcrafted with love,

Great salsa takes great hands. From the market, to the cutting board, to the labeling station, and every step in between, we are 100% hands-on to ensure that every jar of Peepaw's will exude aromas, tastes, and feelings reminiscent of home.


to yours.

Sweet and spicy. A hard combination to get right, but we think we've gotten it down. Go for the classic chips & salsa, add some spice to your tacos, or... take it to the next level and eat it straight out of the jar with one of our antique, handstamped spoons! There's no wrong way. Trust us.