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Who's PeePaw?

Perhaps the best way to describe PeePaw is 'Country Brilliant.'

Master of the garden, the kitchen, and the fishing hole - one would be hard pressed to find anything that he can't do. He's been crafting this delicious salsa for almost 40 years, and folks can't seem to get enough of it. 


Hi, I'm Kacie. 

Granddaughter of PeePaw.

PeePaw's counterpart, Mamaw, was diagnosed with cancer ins March of 2017. This news hit my family pretty hard, because "pink pistol packin' Mamaw" was truly one of a kind.

As a gift to them, I wanted to share their delicious salsa with the world. PeePaw has been whippin' up this special salsa for almost 40 years! He's handed over the secret recipe to me,  and I'm excited to be sharing it with YOU. PS: 10% of all profits go to cancer research!